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The images below are of pieces entered in exhibitions and art prizes.
All images are my own works and therefore both the image and the work is under my  copyright.

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Anna Ryland
Ceramic Artist and Potter


Sydney Teapot Show 2019
Kerrie Lowe Gallery - Newtown NSW

"Bluey"  Wheelthrown stoneware, glaze on glaze. Sold.

Port Hacking Potters 50th National Competition
Hazelhurst Arts Centre - Gymea NSW

"Down in the Bush" Sold

Sydney Teapot Show - Kerrie Lowe Gallery 2018

Stoneware wheelthrown with handformed pig on lid (2018)

Stoneware wheelthrown with underglaze decoration (2018)

Australian National Brooch Show 2018

Contemporary Art Society
Fitzroy LIbrary Victoria

details of the show on their website:

Memory Box 2017
Private Collection - Ireland

Textured Slabs - White Stoneware Clay. High fired in Oxidation. December 2017

Human Nature 
Wallarobba Arts Centre Hornsby NSW  2017

Handformed - various clays and firings - sold individually 

"Tallow Wood" 
SOLD   Porcelain slab built and handformed. Various glazes. 

Online - Facebook 2017

"Swimming Penguin" 
SOLD TO PRIVATE COLLECTION.  Porcelain wheel thrown body with additions, copper glaze, oxidised firing.

49th National Potters Competition - Port Hacking Potters Group 2016
Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre Gymea NSW

"2045" by Anna Ryland. Wheel thrown and handformed with multiple glazes. Stoneware clay and glazes. 16.5cmH x 12cmW (2016)

Sydney Teapot Show 2016

Inner City Clayworkers Gallery, Glebe NSW

"Hibbertia" Wheel thrown stoneware, underglaze decoration.  (2016)

Neptune's Garden 2016
Newtown NSW

"Hatching II, III, IV" Wheelthrown Porcelain with ceramic pencil drawings
H. 12cm to 9.5cm

Coraki Art Prize 2015
Coraki NSW

"2050" Buff stoneware, terrasiggalata and sawdust fired hand formed and wheel thrown components.

The Sydney Teapot Show 2015
Inner City Clayworkers Gallery, Glebe NSW


Labourers, Luminaries and Lieutenants 2015
The Muse Gallery Ultimo NSW

wheel-thrown planters to contain Rosemary plants, the Anzac Day symbol for remembrance

Poster for exhibition

The Garden Show 2015
Inner City Clayworkers Gallery, Glebe NSW

One of four planters.  Wheel-thrown, stamped and glazed stoneware.

The MatchBox Show 2015
Brisbane Modern Art Gallery Queensland

Each porcelain hand-formed article fitted inside a standard Redhead Matchbox

Coraki Art Prize 2014
Coraki NSW

Two sculptures submitted.  A combination of hand formed figures on a wheel thrown base. Both SOLD.

Port Hacking Potters 48th National Competition
Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre, Gymea NSW

"Cos All The Trees Have Vanished" Handformed on Thrown Base.
 Terrasiggalata, Tissue Prints and Text. Sawdust Firing 2014.(SOLD)

The Sydney Teapot Show 2014
Inner City Clayworkers - Glebe

"Violets are Blue" Wheel thrown Stoneware underglaze and hand drawn decoration 2014 (SOLD)
"Lillypilly Chartreuse"  Teapot with tea bowls. Wheel thrown stoneware, underglaze and hand drawn decoration. 2014 (SOLD) 

Limelight Gallery 2013-2014
827 George Street Sydney

Set 3 Salsa dishes. Wheel thrown Porcelain underglaze and print decoration.

The Sydney Teapot Show 2013
Inner City Clayworkers Gallery - Glebe
31 July - 1 September 2013

"Tea Babe"  Wheelthrown Stoneware, underglaze and print decoration.  SOLD

"Illawarra Shadows" Wheel thrown stoneware, underglaze decoration, Celedon glaze reduction firing. SOLD
"Illawarra Flame" Wheel thrown stoneware, underglaze decoration.  SOLD

The Melbourne Teapot Show

Studio @ Flinders Gallery
23 March - 14 April 2013

Image courtesy of Gallery. "Illawarra Flame"   Wheel thrown, underglaze decoration, celedon glaze, gas reduction firing.

The Sydney Royal Easter Show 2013

Art & Craft Competition - Ceramic/Hand Built
21 March - 3 April 2013

"Revenue Lineup"  Mixed Stoneware clay, hand formed. Reduction firing, mock wood ash glaze.


The 47th Port Hacking Potters Competition 2012

Held at Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery, Gymea, NSW
September 2012

Three thrown and altered, woodfired bottles. Slip and oxide decoration.



The Eighth Melbourne Teapot Exhibition 2012
Held at The Studio @ Flinders Gallery
 March 2012

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II" Wheel Thrown with handformed elements. Shino Glaze with underglazes, oxides and tissue print decoration.

Hornsby Art Prize
22 - 27 November 2011
"Down Under - The Farm I " Hand formed porcelain. High fired. Matt iron oxide glaze.

Coraki Art Prize
28 - 30 October 2011

Detail: "Down Under - The Farm II"   High fired porcelain.

 The Sydney Teapot Show 2011
Inner City Clayworkers Gallery, Glebe
29 July - 28 August 2011

Friends On Show 2011
Friends of Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Art Centre, Gymea NSW
14 April to 27 April 2011

Detail: "Boudoir Nostalgia" Set of 5 pieces including wall hanging.  Wheel thrown and hand formed Porcelain elements. 2011 (Dish SOLD)

Hornsby Art Society
December 2010

"Indigo Babes"  Hand formed sculpture on thrown base with tissue prints. SOLD

Port Hacking Potters Group 46th National Pottery Competition and Exhibition.
Held at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Art Centre, Gymea, NSW 
2 October to 12 October 2010
Set titled "Boudoir Nostalgia" - Porcelain Paperclay. Wall hanging mounted on Perspex, hand moulded dish, wheel-thrown candle holders. Textured, tissue print decoration, fired to 1280 degrees - Electric.

340 Grams - ACA Members Exhibition - Gulgong NSW
Part of the Clay Energy conference - 28 April to 2nd May 2010

 Wheel thrown base, handformed pig.  
Porcelaineous stoneware clay, electric firing to 1260 deg C.  

A small black and white bowl. Wheel thrown, porcelaineous stoneware clay, Mishima and print decoration.  Electric firing to 1260 deg C.

On Fire - Student Exhibition of 
The Ceramic Design Studio, Gymea
held at the Paddington Uniting Church, December 2009.

New work for this exhibition included small wheelthrown dishes to match the perfume bottles. (Bottle with stopper, H. 15cm x W 7.5cm. Dish, W.16cm)
Two of four sets SOLD.

 "Homage" Group exhibition at Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, September 2009.
Showing three of series of four 'stories'. 

Close ups of works:

 Viola Hederacea in Green, Two bottles and lidded box. Set of 3.  Wheelthrown porcelainous clay, prints, ceramic pencil and gold lustre.(2009) SOLD.


Close up of Viola H. in Green bottles.

Close up of wall hanging - Viola Hederacea in Green, textured porcelain and prints on perspex backing. (2009) SOLD

Hibbertia in Blue, Wall Hanging plus 3 bottles, wheelthrown porcelaineous clay, cobalt prints and underglaze, perspex mount. (2009)  Wall mount SOLD.

Blue and White Traditions. Wall Hanging and set of three bottles. Mount - Textured porcelain with prints. Bottles, wheelthrown and altered porcelaineous clay with prints and underglaze. Two bottles SOLD.


Hibbertia Accents: Pink Bottle with stopper, Pink jewellery box, yellow jewellery bowl.   

Matched with - Hibbertia in Yellow wall hanging, textured porcelain, prints and underglazes. (Below).
The group at the exhibition opening.

"Homage" was a group exhibition which was held at the Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Gymea NSW.  It was opened by the Mayor of Sutherland Shire, Councillor Lorraine Kelly on 19 September and continued until 29 September 2009.

An Online Exhibition

"Radiation Experience"  Wheelthrown and altered bust.  Slips and inlays, Shino Glaze, reduction firing to 1280 deg C.  H. 26cm x Top W. 21cm.  Mural of Survivorship, an online art competition 2009 (

The Teapot Show (2009)


"Jade" Wheelthrown, prints, underglaze and inlay. Pale Celedon glaze, reduction firing 1280 deg C.  The Sydney Teapot Show 2009.  SOLD.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Wheelthrown Teapot, Modelled figure, prints and oxides, Shino glaze, reduction firing to 1280 deg Celsius. The Sydney Teapot Show 2009.  SOLD.

Ceramic Design Studio Student Exhibition 2008

Three Perfume Bottles (2008).  Wheelthrown, prints and underglazes. Electric firing to 1200 deg Celsius.  Ceramic Design Studio Student Exhibition, The Muse Gallery, Ultimo.
SOLD (2 of 3).

Pigs - woodfired with prints. Handbuilt on wheelthrown base (3.5cm H x 6cm L) 2008.

The Sydney Teapot Show (2007, 2008)

Wheelthrown, Wood fired teapot.  Cane handle was added. Inside glazed with pale green celedon glaze.
Sydney Teapot Show 2008. SOLD 

 "Summer"  Wheel thrown with prints and additions. Stoneware electric firing. Sydney Teapot Show (2007). SOLD

International - The Cup and Saucer Exhibition, UK, 2007.
Wheelthrown, stains and underglaze decoration, Shino glaze, reduction firing to 1280 degrees Celsius.  Entry in The Cup and Saucer Exhibition, Where I Fell In Love Gallery, Shipston on Stour, Warwickshire UK.(2007)  SOLD.